Here is a list of significant articles that have been published on the blog:

2016/01      An introduction to the water structure problem
2016/01      Our Nature Communciations paper – ice-like phonons in liquid water
2015/12      Maximum entropy priors
2015/11      More counterintuitive Bayesian reasoning problems
2015/11      Debunking EZ water
2015/11      A physicist’s visualization of Bayes’ theorem
2015/10      Moore’s law
2015/10      Crackpot Nobelists
2015/09      Explaining the uncertainty principle correctly
2015/08      What’s your evidence threshold?
Why physicists still use Fortran
2015/06      Neuromorphic hardware – a path towards human-level artificial intelligence
2015/05      Why do we see the frequencies we do?
2015/02      Tesla’s folly – why Wardenclyffe didn’t work
2015/01      Is Tesla’s particle beam weapon practical?
2014/11       Some corrections to Matthew Inman’s Tesla puff piece
2013/12       Digital artwork
2013/11       Percolation theory – the deep subject with the not-so-deep sounding name
2013/10      Wasserfadden!
2013/09      Periodic boundary conditions
2013/07      Polyhedra
2013/07      A misconception about microwaves
2013/04      Does hot water freeze faster than cold?
2013/02      On writing well enough
2013/01      Quantum effects in water
2013/01      More is different
2010/08     Building a kernel for 3D Shape Recognition Using Neural Networks
2010/07      Energy drink ingredients – do they work? A science-based review
2010/01      Naked eye observing techniques
2009/10      FAQ at the Hirsch Observatory
2008/06     Astro pics I took at RPI’s Hirsch Observatory
2007/12     Trance, Music, and Trance Music

Book reviews:
“Cloud Atlas” by David Mitchel
“Halting State” by Charles Stross
“The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” by Robert A. Heinlein
“Zero to One” by Peter Thiel

Science notes I wrote during grad school: 
feedback on these is always appreciated.
Foundations of Quantum Mechanics & Quantum Computing
Maxwell’s equations in different conventions
Energy Barriers and Rates – Transition State Theory for Physicists
Stretched Exponential Relaxation
Liquid water hydrogen bond network analysis
Elementary theory of solvation
Relation of crystal shape & structure to LO-TO splitting
More errata for Geometry, Topology, & Physics by M. Nakahara

Finally, here are my graduate lab reports, in pdf form
Optical Pumping of Rubidium Vapor
The Lifetime of Carbon-11
Hall effect measurements of the carrier density and mobility of a 3D electron gas in a GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructure