The EA Forum wiki defines progress studies as “The study of the economic, technological, scientific, cultural, and organizational changes that have improved standards of living over human history. The field seeks to identify the individuals, cultures, and institutions responsible for this progress, and apply this knowledge to the design of interventions aimed at further improving the human condition.”

Here’s where you can learn more:

Collison, Patrick and Cowen, Tyler. “We need a new science of progress”, The Atlantic, 30 July 2019.

Crawford, Jason. “Progress studies as a moral imperative”, The Roots of Progress Blog, 7 September 2019.

Here’s a map I made for fun using (Click for a larger view.)

(Dashed lines denote my perception of weaker ties to the progress studies community). Here’s other people that have been suggested to me for inclusion:

Peter Thiel
Johan Norberg
Ron Bailey
Matt Ridley
Deirdre McCloskey
J. Storrs Hall, author of “Where Is My Flying Car
Stewart Brand (Long Now Foundation)
Alex Tabarrok (Marginal Revolution)
John Myers (London YIMBY)
Noah Smith
Mike Solana
Marc Andreessen
Tamara Winter
Ted Nordhaus
Marian Tupy (
Seemay Chou Arcadia Science