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Some subtler problems with Wikipedia articles

Wikipedia has a lot of problems, including some subtle but serious ones that seem difficult to fix without radical changes to how the platform operates.

I’ve watched the growth of Wikipedia since my first edit, which was in 2004. Since then, I’ve accrued 16,044 edits. 10,287 of those were in 2007, when I was very active as an anti-vandalism patroller. Over the years I’ve created 68 pages in total. Wikipedia has always had obvious problems such as vandalism, systemic bias, and link dropping, which are being addressed by a variety of concerted efforts.  Lately I’ve been noticing a lot of more subtle problems with Wikipedia articles, which has caused me to seek out higher quality sources of information. To put it bluntly, Wikipedia articles are just not very well written. They lack logical progression and consistency in their style and level of technical depth. Of course, it’s difficult for the Wikipedia platform to achieve either, since many different authors are constantly adding and subtracting sentences from every article.  Continue reading

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