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Neuromorphic hardware – a path towards human-level artificial intelligence

Recently we have seen a slew of popular films that deal with artificial intelligence – most notably The Imitation Game, Chappie, Ex Machina, and Her. However, despite over five decades of research into artificial intelligence, there remain many tasks that humans find simple which computers cannot do. Given the slow progress of AI, for many the prospect of computers with human-level intelligence seems further away today than it did when Isaac Asimov’s classic I, Robot was published in 1950.  The fact is, however, that today neuromorphic chips offer a plausible path to realizing human-level artificial intelligence within the next few decades. Continue reading


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Why do we see the frequencies we do?

Why can’t we see in the infrared or ultraviolet?
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Is Tesla’s particle beam weapon practical?

During the later part of his life, Tesla made grandiose claims about having invented a “death ray” or “teleforce” weapon, the plans for which were discovered in 1983.  In more prosaic terms what Tesla designed is a neutral particle beam weapon. Many Tesla fanatics claim that during the cold war the US government and/or USSR conducted tests of such weapons based on Nikola Tesla’s designs. Some insist that the US government is in possession of such weapons in some undisclosed facility, while others claim Tesla took the secrets of such technology to the grave for fear that they would fall in the wrong hands.  In this post, I will investigate whether the type of weapon Tesla envisioned is practical.
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