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The AI control problem is more pressing than the consciousness question

A lot of people commented during and after the recent Ethics of AI conference at NYU that we still don’t know what the necessary conditions for consciousness are, and that this problem lingered like an elephant in the room. The implication seemed to be that this problem cast a pale on a lot of the work that was discussed at the conference. One commentator even summarized the conference as a ‘road to nowhere‘ at least partially because of this issue. 

The ‘conditions for consciousness problem’ is critically important, and the reasons for this were articulated especially well by the panelist Susan Schneider. Several important ‘forks in the road’ in the future development of mankind hinge on whether we think the AIs we create are conscious:
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Neuromorphic hardware – a path towards human-level artificial intelligence

Recently we have seen a slew of popular films that deal with artificial intelligence – most notably The Imitation Game, Chappie, Ex Machina, and Her. However, despite over five decades of research into artificial intelligence, there remain many tasks that humans find simple which computers cannot do. Given the slow progress of AI, for many the prospect of computers with human-level intelligence seems further away today than it did when Isaac Asimov’s classic I, Robot was published in 1950.  The fact is, however, that today neuromorphic chips offer a plausible path to realizing human-level artificial intelligence within the next few decades. Continue reading


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