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Peer reviewed journal articles

A. A. Perez, V. Noe-Kim, M. G. Lubner, P. M. Graffy, J. Garrett, D. C. Elton, R. M. Summers, P. J. Pickhardt. “Deep Learning CT-based Quantitative Visualization Tool for Liver Volume Estimation: Defining Normal and Hepatomegaly”. To appear in Radiology.

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Peer reviewed conference proceedings

T. S. Mathai, S. Lee, D. C. Elton, T. C. Shen, Y. Peng, Z. Lu, and R. M. Summers. “Lymph Node Detection in T2 MRI with Transformers” (under review)

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Z. Boukouvalas, D. C. Elton, M. D. Fuge, and P. W. Chung. “Independent Vector Analysis for Data Fusion Prior to Molecular Property Prediction with Machine Learning”. Proceedings of the 2018 Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) workshop on Machine Learning for Molecules and Materials. [arXiv]

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Book chapters

D. C. Elton and P. D. Spencer. “Four examples of pathological water science and what they have in common”. To appear in Water in Biomechanical & Related Systems”, A. Gadomski, editor. Springer. (2021)


Casey S. Greene 2.1,2.2⚄,† , Daniel S. Himmelstein 2.3⚄, Daniel C. Elton 2.4⚄, Brock C. Christensen 2.5⚄, Anthony Gitter 2.6,2.7⚄,† , Alexander J. Titus 2.5⚄, Joshua J. Levy

C. S. Greene,D. S. Himmelstein, D. C. Elton, B. C. Christensen, A. Gitter, A. J. Titus, J. J. Levy, et al. “Opportunities and obstacles for deep learning in biology and medicine: Version 2.0” (in prep) (2020)

Ph.D. Thesis

atom in a clathrate-like cage

Understanding the Dielectric Properties of Water (11 Mb PDF)

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